Making Tangible Gains in Parent-Child Relationships with Traumatized Refugees

Loar, L. (2004). Making tangible gains in parent-child relationships with traumatized refugees. Intervention, 2(3), 210-220.

Traumatized refugees arrive in a new country exhausted, depleted and disoriented. Moreover, they have to face many new challenges such as getting legal residency, learning a new language and the ways of a new culture, finding housing, employment, etc. With all these burdens, most parents have little solace to offer their children, children who are also uprooted and overwhelmed. This article describes a few easy and inexpensive interventions that can improve parent-child interaction and encourage children’s cognitive and affective development without taxing emotionally unavailable parents. The activities described can be carried out in war zones and refugee camps that lack toys and supplies for children in order to encourage positive parent-child interaction and the children’s acquisition of age-appropriate skills and attachments.

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