List of resources available on Ebola 09 Oct 2014

An updated list of resources with many medical anthropology publications

3 thoughts on “List of resources available on Ebola 09 Oct 2014”

  1. Hello, I am a training focal point for Save the Childrens’ ebola programme interested to get resources and information on MHPSS best practices coordination activities and partner activities for the ebola response ahead of our MHPSS team stating up.

    1. Hi Lizzy,
      As you can see we are slowly adding to our resource base here.
      The starting point for all mhpss work should be the ebola modified PFA field guide by WHO et al. You need to link to it from this url as it is being updated and therefore this version is the most current. there is a section on children and adolescents.
      We are still searching for best practice information.
      In terms of who is doing what I’m putting you in touch with Saji Thomas MHPSS ref group co chair and Ruth O’Connell (UNICEF WCA MHPSS focal point). I’ll send these to you inbox.

    2. Lizzy please do email me on so i can link you to some people. I’m hoping they might have an updated 4Ws etc. but for the meantime please do use the 4W document in this group. I’ll also put your request out to the group. Best, Lucy

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