Libya Flood response Flash Appeal (September 2023)

On 10 September, Storm Daniel affected northeastern Libya with torrential rains and flash floods affecting multiple cities and towns. The human toll is significant and is expected to continue rising.

OCHA estimates that approximately 884,000 people in five provinces (Mantikas) live in areas that have been directly affected by the storm and flash floods in Libya and have been impacted to varying degrees.

Several factors are influencing and exacerbating the severity of humanitarian needs, including pre-existing humanitarian conditions, deterioration of socio-economic situation, logistical and access constraints to certain areas. Prior to the storm, some 300,000 people in Libya were assessed to require humanitarian assistance according to the 2023 Humanitarian Overview.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives issued on 11 September, an urgent appeal for international help in dealing with Storm Daniel’s devastating impact on the Cyrenaica region. Stating that the humanitarian situation is catastrophic, the committee highlighted that local authorities were overwhelmed and called for immediate support from the United Nations, international organizations, and neighbouring countries.

On 13 September, the Emergency Relief Coordinator allocated US$10 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund to scale up interventions in response to this disaster.

Humanitarian partners are requesting $71.4 million to respond to the most urgent needs of 250,000 people targeted out of the 884,000 people estimated to be in need, over the next three months. This Flash Appeal may be updated once additional information becomes available.

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