Les Interventions Psychosociales – Manuel

Version fran├žaise du manuel ‘Psychosocial Interventions – A Handbook’.

This handbook is the product of an extensive review of psychosocial interventions that has focused especially on the lessons learned from the psychosocial response to the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. The first section of the handbook introduces psychosocial support in the context of the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, and explains that the experience of psychosocial well-being is contextually and culturally bound. The handbook consists of considerations and recommendations for psychosocial practitioners who are going to set up a psychosocial intervention for the first time, paying attention to assessing needs and resources; planning and implementation; training; and monitoring and evaluation. The hardcopy of the handbook is accompanied by a CD filled with relevant documents and tools, all of which are also available on our resource database.

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