Invitation to join Urban MHPSS Webinar, Thursday 26 June at 3:00 pm (CET)

The webinar will explore challenges and opportunities in MHPSS for refugees in urban settings.

Mental health experts Peter Ventevogel (UNHCR), Zeinab Hijazi International Medical Corps, IMC)and Nancy Baron (Psycho-Social Training and Services Institute Cairo, PSTIC) will present on specific challenges for MHPSS programming in urban settings and share good practices in urban MHPSS programming and interventions for refugees and asylum seekers.

After a brief introduction on MHPSS programmes in Malaysia and Kenya, the webinar will shift its focus to MHPSS programming in the MENA region, particularly on experiences in Egypt as well as in Lebanon and Jordan. Following an examination of recently developed programming models, the webinar will also explore avenues for further development of urban MHPSS.

During the discussion you are welcome to ask questions and share your experience as well!

Do you want to join?

Open attached to see agenda, background and how to attend.

Meet you there!

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