Investigation into the Mental Health Support needs of International Students with particular reference to Chinese and Malaysian students

Author: University of Nottingham, UK
Published: September 2011

This investigation originated from a growing concern that in comparison with UK students particular groups of international students were finding it difficult to access
medical and specialist services and hence were only presenting in extremis. These issues were identified by the University of Nottingham Health Service in conjunction with specialist services within the University.

Nottingham City NHS was able to contribute significant funding to employ a part time support worker to carry out the bulk of the investigation under the auspices of a steering group representing the University, the University Health Service and Nottingham NHS. It was agreed that the project should focus on international students with particular reference to Chinese and Malaysian students. This project explored the mental health needs of these groups of students and sought to highlight opportunities to improve the access to, and support available for, international students with mental health difficulties. The findings and recommendations of the investigation will also have relevance for communities outside of the University.

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