Inter-Agency Toolkit on Localisation in Humanitarian Coordination

The Toolkit on Localisation in Humanitarian Coordination supports humanitarian coordinators, co-leads and partners to invest in local and national actors’ participation and leadership in coordination in diverse humanitarian settings. Importantly, the toolkit also provides specific resources for local and national actors to strengthen their capacity to influence and play leadership roles in coordination fora. This toolkit aims to be the go-to resource for localisation across a range of clusters and humanitarian coordination structures, with tools relevant to a wide range of practitioners.

The specific aims of the toolkit are:

to support increased meaningful participation of local and national actors in coordination processes throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle,

contribute to increased leadership roles within humanitarian coordination structures, and

enable increased access to funding.

The toolkit has been developed in a collaborative, inter-agency manner in consultation with key stakeholders from the following groups and agencies: the Global CP AoR, the Global Education Cluster, the Global Nutrition Cluster, the Global WASH Cluster, Save the Children, Street Child UK, CLEAR Global, the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies, country-level coordinators in Nigeria and Bangladesh, and national and local actors who have participated in localisation in coordination initiatives in South Sudan and Iraq.

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