Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for GBViE Programming

Minimum Standards for GBV in Emergencies programming endorsed by the GBV Area of Responsibility of the IASC. These standards apply to GBV specialised programming in all phases of an emergency. The resource includes 16 Standards on GBV Guiding Principles, Staff Care, Women’s and Girls’ Participation and Empowerment, Psychosocial Support, GBV Case Management, Women’s and Girls’ Safe Spaces, Health Care for GBV survivors, Referral Systems, Safety and Risk Mitigation, Justice and Legal Aid, Dignity Kits, Cash and Voucher Assistance, Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods, Transforming Systems and Social Norms, Collection and Use of GBV Survivor Data, GBV Coordination, Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation. Key actions, guidance notes, links to additional resources and indicators are included for each standard area.

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