Inter Agency Guidelines for Case Management and Child Protection: The Role of Case Management in the Protection of Children

The guidelines were developed in recognition of the increased emphasis and interest being placed upon case management as a service part of a child protection system. Case management is not new; however its application in humanitarian settings is relatively recent.

The intention in developing these guidelines was to provide a general framework of agreed principles, considerations, steps and procedures for effective child protection case management in line with the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS)7 developed in 2012 by the Child Protection Working Group (CPWG).

The primary focus of these guidelines is for use by agencies and practitioners in humanitarian settings. However, these guidelines can also be a useful resource for governments and agencies working in more stable or development situations. Likewise, these guidelines can be helpful additional guidance in refugee situations, but practices would need to take into account broader refugee case management including the specific Best Interest Procedure.

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