Indicator guide: Monitoring and evaluation framework for psychosocial support interventions

Education for staff and volunteers with information on the impact of conflict on youth, and training for providing psychosocial support to vulnerable youth. Six modules cover the following topics: principles of psychosocial support; youth and youth psychosocial support programs post-conflict settings; facilitation techniques; communication; self-care of for facilitators and volunteers; planning a training that will address the specific needs of the local youth and community.

The Indicator Guide is a collection of indicators meant to be broadly applicable to IFRC PS programmes of various kinds. Indicators are designed to measure the change produced by PS programmes. Although each PS programme will be unique to the context where it is implemented and the people who are involved, certain key priority areas are shared among different kinds of PS programmes. This guide therefore outlines sample indicators that capture the key aspects of change that PS programmes hope to achieve. They are drawn from experience in M&E of PS programmes within IFRC, National Societies and amongst the global community of PS programme implementers and evaluators.

The Indicator Guide provides a broad understanding of changes that can result from PS programmes at goal, outcome and output levels. The indicators developed for each level are phrased in such a way that they can be tailored to specific programmes – that, is, for a particular type of target group or problem. You can use the Indicator Guide as a roadmap to help you in developing an M&E framework and indicators that will be most relevant for your own programme. All of the sample indicators presented in the Indicator Guide can be adapted to: 1) your target group, 2) the specific activities of your programme, and 3) your cultural context and local understandings of “PS wellbeing”.

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