Impact of Sudan Crisis on South Sudan Flash Update No. 2 (As of 8th June 2023)

This update is produced by OCHA South Sudan in collaboration with humanitarian partners.


Since the outbreak of fighting in Sudan on April 15, a total of 101,415 individuals crossed the border from Sudan into South Sudan. The significant majority of those crossing the border are South Sudanese returnees, while the remaining individuals are refugees and third-country nationals.
A significant proportion of the arrivals from Sudan are women and children. Most people have arrived in Upper Nile State, and others in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Unity State, Western Bahr el Ghazal State, and the Abyei Administrative Area.
The inter-connectedness between Sudan and South Sudan's economies has resulted in the conflict significantly affecting market prices. According to the Cash Working Group, the average cost of a Multi-Sectoral Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket has risen by 28 per cent since April 2023, indicating the extent of the impact.
Humanitarian partners in South Sudan are scaling up their presence in key response areas and preparing an emergency response to address the needs of the most vulnerable people.

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