Ideas Bank of Creative Activities for Child Friendly Spaces and Youth Centres/Clubs

Through structured play activities we would like each child to: (1) participate well; (2) be Sympathetic/Empathetic; (3) be able to Solve Problems: (4) be Able to Control Impulses and Emotions; (5) Trust and be Trusting; (6) be unselfish; (7) have an appealing temperament; (8) be creative and be autonomous; (9) be able to Communicate at Various Levels; (10) be persistent/patient; (11) be achievement oriented; (12) have high self-esteem; (13) be humorous and (14) be resilient.

When beginning this process of establishing a safe play area for children and youth it is good to establish
the following: (1) ensure there is an exclusive designated space for the play area and (2) a daily timetable on flip chart paper, clearly displayed, allows children and their caregivers to see what activities are on at various times of the day.

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