IASC Operational Guidelines on the Protection of Persons in Situations of Natural Disasters

These Operational Guidelines primarily aim to help international and non-governmental humanitarian organizations and members of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee to ensure that disaster relief and recovery efforts are conducted within a framework that protects and furthers human rights of affected persons.

Specifically, they aim to:
1. Ensure that human rights principles and protection standards – including the fundamental principle of non-discrimination – are integrated into all disaster response and recovery efforts from the earliest stage possible.
2. Identify relevant measures to ensure that affected persons and their communities are fully consulted and can actively participate, to the extent possible, in all stages of the disaster response in accordance with their human rights.
3. Complement (but not replace) existing guidelines on humanitarian standards in situations of natural disasters; and
4. Provide a basis for humanitarian actors when entering into dialogue with governments about their obligations towards affected people under human rights law.

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