“I can forgive now”: Evaluation study of War Child’s psychosocial support intervention I DEAL.

Exposure to the disruption, loss, and violence associated with conflict and its aftermath places significant psychological and social strain on children, young people, their families and communities. The overall impact results in the disruption of children’s normal psychosocial development, including their identity, their ability to manage their emotions and behaviour, and their ability to build and maintain healthy relationships.
Despite growing evidence on the impact of psychosocial support interventions,
there is an urgent need for a stronger evidence base on approaches that effectively support children a"ected by armed conflict. To contribute to this evidence base, and building on a pilot study conducted in Uganda in 2009, War Child conducted an exploratory outcome evaluation of its psychosocial support intervention ‘I DEAL’ in the Eastern Equatoria State of the Republic of South Sudan and the Putumayo and Valle del Cauca regions of Colombia in 2012.
The objective of the evaluation was to explore the outcomes that I DEAL achieves for children and the factors that in!uence the achievement of those outcomes to further inform and strengthen the intervention.

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