Hurricane Matthew – Situation Report No. 5, as of 7 October 2016 – (1700 hours EST)

Situation Overview –
The number of fatalities has increased in Haiti, with 271 deaths confirmed at the time of writing (Directorate for Civil Protection). A total of 186 people are injured and three remain unaccounted for. According to media reports, 115,000 families have been affected by the hurricane, 25,160 houses are heavily damaged, 178 schools are damaged and close to 500 houses have been destroyed. The number of evacuees has increased to 61,537 in 192 temporary shelters in Haiti. More than 750,000 people need immediate assistance. An estimated 1.3 million people have been affected by the hurricane. The first aerial reconnaissance of northern Haiti took place yesterday (6 October), revealing no major damage apart from floods in Petite Anse and parts of Les Gonaives. A second observation flight to Jeremie (southern Haiti) confirmed severe damage, with a high percentage of houses severely damaged. Affected areas in south-west Haiti remain cut off, with communications disconnected and roads inaccessible due to flooding. A key bridge connecting the southern peninsula to the rest of the country has collapsed.

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