Hurricane Matthew – Situation Report No. 2, as of 4 October 2016

As of 1100 EST on Tuesday 4 October, Matthew is located 18.9° N and 74.3° W, some 60 km north-east of Tiburon (Haiti) and 145 km south of the eastern tip of Cuba. It is moving north at 17 km/h, with maximum sustained winds of 230 km/h, according to the National Hurricane Center (NOAA). Hurricane warnings are still in effect for Haiti and Cuba (provinces of Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Granma and Las Tunas).
The hurricane is expected to turn to the north-west by Wednesday, meaning it is expected to move over the southeastern and central Bahamas on Tuesday night and early Wednesday. The north-western Bahamas will most likely be affected on Wednesday night. A hurricane warning has been issued for south-eastern Bahamas (Inaguas, Mayaguana, Acklins, Crooked Island, Long Cay and Ragged Island), central Bahamas (Long Island, Exuma, Rum Cay, San Salvador and Cat Island) and north-western Bahamas (Abacos, Andros Island, Berry Islands, Bimini, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama Island and New Providence).
Hurricane conditions are now present in south-western Haiti and will reach Cuba later today. Tropical storms will affect Dominican Republic and Turks & Caicos today. Of primary concern are potentially catastrophic impacts in Haiti, including wave heights of greater than 16 metres off its southern peninsula and a storm surge of 7 to 10 feet on the south coast. Matthew is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 15 to 25 inches over southern Haiti and south-western Dominican Republic, with possible isolated maximum amounts of 40 inches. High waves combined with excessive rainfall, hurricane-force winds and storm surges could cause extensive damage, including flooding and landslides in southern and north-western Haiti, the south-western Dominican Republic and eastern
Cuba. An additional high storm surge of 4 to 5 m in western Bahamas and 5 to 6 m in northern Bahamas might create dangerous conditions for the flat islands.
The Government of Jamaica has discontinued the tropical-storm warning.

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