Guidelines For Consulting with Children and Young People with Disabilities

This document provides a guidance on the importance of consulting with children with disabilities. It provides practical suggestions for consulting with children and young people with disabilities in a variety of situations. It aims to equip individuals working on child rights with the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate with children with a variety of disabilities.

These guidelines set out tips and suggestions for the entire consultation process including: planning for the consultation, general considerations for consulting with children with disabilities, specific tips for communicating with children with different types of impairments, and some case study examples.

One thought on “Guidelines For Consulting with Children and Young People with Disabilities”

  1. The article gives attention to a very important neglected group in our society. The colourful images and accessible language makes it easy ti navigate. It points to the intersection of disability and gender but dies not really go into it deeper. This is also the case when we speak about gender and kids and adolescents on the autism spectrum or even depression. We should discuss this more often to keep raising awareness about different presentation.

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