Guidelines for Child Friendly Spaces in Emergencies

Prepared by: Global Education Cluster, Global Protection Cluster, Inter Agency Network for Education in Emergencies & Inter Agency Standing Committee, January 2011

The purpose of CFSs is to support the resilience and well-being of children and young people through community organized, structured activities conducted in a safe, child friendly, and stimulating environment. The primary participants in and beneficiaries of CFSs are children (people under 18 years of age), although in some contexts, CFSs may also engage and benefit young people who are beyond 18 years of age. The specific objectives are to: (1) mobilize communities around the protection and well being of all children, including highly vulnerable children; (2) provide opportunities for children to play, acquire contextually relevant skills, and receive social support; and (3) offer inter-sectoral support for all children in the realization of their rights.

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