Guidance Note and Overview: Monitoring and evaluation framework for psychosocial support interventions

Education for staff and volunteers with information on the impact of conflict on youth, and training for providing psychosocial support to vulnerable youth. Six modules cover the following topics: principles of psychosocial support; youth and youth psychosocial support programs post-conflict settings; facilitation techniques; communication; self-care of for facilitators and volunteers; planning a training that will address the specific needs of the local youth and community.

The guidance note provides an overview of monitoring and evaluation approaches and principles as key components of the programme management cycle. Psychosocial programme objectives and indicators are covered in depth – including quantitative and qualitative indicators, the importance of triangulation of data, and the how “neutral” indicators are used in the Indicator Guide. Important considerations in preparing for M&E of PS programmes are also covered, including ethical guidelines and capacity building for National Societies’ staff and volunteers to conduct M&E activities.

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