Global Tool Kit: Orientation and Training Materials

The Global Tool Kit of IASC MHPSS Orientation and Training Materials in Emergency Settings can assist you to disseminate and implement the IASC MHPSS Guidelines in Emergency Settings

This Tool Kit includes a wealth of information to assist you in dissemintating the key messages in the IASC MHPSS guidelines. Within this Tool Kit, a global network of service providers associated with the IASC Reference Group from Belize, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Peru, Philippines, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uganda and the South, East and West Africa Regions share the materials (powerpoint presentations, handouts, curriculum guides, training modules, handouts etc) that they use in Orientation and Training to disseminate the guidelines.

Please see Part A:
Materials including and about IASC MHPSS Guidelines,
Part B: Examples of Orientation Seminar and Part C: Examples of Training Programs.

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