Global Mental Health: What’s Up? Recent Developments and Directions.

"Are we shifting into a new phase of global mental health (GMH)? Very likely. In this short article we
highlight several recent markers over the past year (events, reports, manuals, campaigns, consortia,
etc.) that collectively reflect crucial developments and directions as well as increased momentum for
GMH. It is the latest in an ongoing series of articles to orient colleagues in mental health and across
sectors to GMH. We sense that GMH Generation 2.0 is upon us–as seen in the major growing
awareness, acceptance, advocacy, collaboration, action, and hopefully increased funding for mental
health (e.g., national health budgets, the Wellcome Trust’s additional £200 million for mental health
research). Click on any of the links below and see what’s up with GMH!"
–Note: APA version (short):

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