Gender Equality Update no. 7 – Response to the Nepal Earthquake

This Advocacy Brief on Gender Equality Mainstreaming in Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Reduction was developed by the Inter-Cluster Gender Working Group based on lessons learned from the Nepal earthquake response was endorsed by the UNCT on 5th November 2015 and by the HCT on 20th November 2015.

The Brief highlights the following 4 key recommendations:
1. Establish a common Information Management (IM) framework for the collection of sex and age dis-aggregated data (SADD), and develop gender indicators to inform policy making.

2. Incorporate gender equitable, multi-sector approaches in “build back better” strategies and within Disaster Risk Reduction preparedness, recovery and reconstruction programming.

3. Prioritize collaboration with women’s groups and front-line actors such as the Nepal Scouts,Nepal Army and the Nepal Red Cross to promote meaningful inclusion of women’s voices in local decision making.

4. Ensure continuity of financial support across the humanitarian development continuum.

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