[French Version] Race, Power, and Peacebuilding: Insights and lessons from a global consultation

This report describes the findings from a global consultation on structural racism in the peacebuilding sector. It is the second report in the series Decolonising the Sector. Key findings from the consultation are:

Deep-rooted problems of structural racism and neo-colonial views exist in the international humanitarian and development sector but are rarely acknowledged by Global North peacebuilding practitioners

Peacebuilding frameworks are rooted in Global North knowledge systems, which reinforces an unequal power dynamic and often alienates Global South peacebuilders

Research processes are owned by Global North actors who set the narrative and focus of the sector, effectively excluding Global South perspectives

The perception exists that Global North peacebuilders primarily use peace interventions to forward their own interests (both domestically and geo-politically), leading to distrust among local actors

Peacebuilding funding is inaccessible to peacebuilding actors in the Global South

Responses often prioritize the interests of those removed from the conflict, making peace efforts unsustainable and ineffective

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