[French Version] Facilitator’s handbook 2: Parents and Caregivers Meetings (The Youth Resilience Programme: Psychosocial support in and out of school)

The Youth Resilience Programme aims to help young people to: resume normal, routine activities during or in the aftermath of crisis events; have strong personal and social skills to adapt to and cope with adversities; feel good about themselves and confident in their own abilities; make good and safe life choices; be more social and act as role models to other children and young people; trust others and feel comfortable about sharing feelings and thoughts; seek help from others when needed and have stronger awareness about who can help; and solve problems without violence. It uses a nonclinical psychosocial and protection methodology and is framed within the complex interaction of individual and social factors that facilitate resilience. The heart of the programme is a series of 8-16 structured workshops for young individuals aged ~14 and above designed to be implemented once or twice a week.

This resource gives instructions for facilitating meetings with parents and caregivers, providing them with updates and enhancing parents’ and caregivers’ understanding and skills to support their children’s wellbeing and protection.

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