Flash Update Badakshan Earthquake #No. 2

Following the powerful earthquake struck that Badakshan Province in Afghanistan yesterday, the government of
the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan quickly mobilized resources to assess the damage and plan the initial
response. The National Security Council met this afternoon to discuss the earthquake and ensure the government
resources were correctly allocated. The national level stock lists recently updated by the clusters show that there are sufficient shelter kits for over 8000 people, more than 13,000 blankets and over 15,000 people can be served by non-food item packages available in country. One emergency trauma kit was prepositioned in Jawzjan, Kunduz,
Baghlan, and Ghazni which covers 100 major surgeries in each location. One basic health kit was prepositioned in
Takhar and Fayzabad, which covers basic health services for 3,000 people for one month in each location.

Assessment teams were on the ground all day and, while details are clearer, some remote and difficult to access
areas (Panjsher for example) have not been assessed. Following receipt of information from the assessment
teams, initial reports have been updated and now indicate that 100 people were killed, 375 people were injured and
9509 homes damaged or destroyed which doesn’t fully measure the human impact.

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