Flash Update Afghanistan Earthquake No. 5

20 humanitarian partners have committed to providing humanitarian assistance, with reports indicating that
humanitarian assistance has begun in 19 districts. It has been assessed that sufficient cash, food and non-food
items (NFIs) are available in the Eastern region of the country to respond to the needs of some 4,000 families.
Additional resources will be required to support an estimated 3,000 families throughout the winter, and
notwithstanding the overall sufficiency of supplies, access difficulties in areas such as Nuristan will invariably delay
the delivery of those supplies. In Takhar province, food, NFI and tents are being provided by some three
organizations including Afghanistan National Disaster Management Agency (ANDMA). Within the health sector,
the critical trauma and emergency phase of this disaster has passed and the focus has now transitioned to one of
managing surgical patients and providing psychosocial support to traumatized communities.

With snow already falling in parts of Badakhshan province, emergency shelter and winterization are particularly
pressing concerns. Access too many of the quake-affected areas remains the most significant disaster response

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