Final Evaluation Report for Child Friendly Space Project in Wenchuan-Earthquake affected areas in Sichuan

Evaluation Team & Report Authors: Pan Yi, Zhai Wen, Zhang Hui and Li Jing
Date of Publication: October 2012

The Evaluation Team reviewed international and national literatures and
documents. They conducted on-site observation, in-depth interviews and visits in 11 counties and townships in 3 municipalities/prefectures, where CFS operates, as well as in Beijing for NWCCW and UNICEF. An on-line survey was also conducted covering all 36 existing CFS, which are now under the administration of local governments.

A total of 1,338 respondents participated in the on-line survey and in-depth interviews, covering relevant administrators, CFS volunteers and staff, parents and children. 281 stakeholders participated in the in-depth interview, while 1,057 valid on-line questionnaires were completed; of which 548 were done by children, 383 by parents and 126 by CFS staff, WCCW staff and township/village cadres.

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