Reactions to local feedback (Reaction papers to the article by Anica Mikuš Kos)

This document contains five reaction papers to the article "The pitfalls of psychosocial evaluations: a critical perspective from a field worker" by Anica Mikuš Kos

(1) Tol, W., & Jordans, M. (2008). Evidence based psychosocial practice in political violence affected settings. Intervention, 6(1), 66-69.

(2) de Graaff, D., Jansveld, E., & de Jager, A. (2008). A reaction to Mikuš Kos. Intervention, 6(1), 69-72.

(3) Poudyal, B., Erni, T., Subyantoro, T., & Jonathan, A. (2008). Psychosocial programmes and evaluations. Intervention, 6(1), 73-74.

(4) Mangen, P. O. (2008). Practical alternative approaches to gathering evidence on psychosocial work and assessing the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions. Intervention, 6(1), 75-79.

(5) Kortmann, G. (2008). From being assessed to self assessment. A brief comment from an external evaluator and former field worker. Intervention, 6(1), 79-81.

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