Estrategias para la búsqueda de justicia por crímenes internacionales de género: el caso Ríos Montt/ Strategies for the search of justice in international gender crimes: the Rios Montt case

(Spanish) Nowadays national Courts face the challenge of
considering a gender perspective within international
crimes cases. Courts and prosecutors, as well
as victim’s defendants and civil society, face the
challenge of looking for strategies to proof international
sex crimes that avoid the re-victimization of
survivors. This article describes the strategy used to
face gender crimes in Rios Mont case in Guatemala
regarding genocide and crimes against humanity.
This innovative experience was useful to points out
gender aspects involved in international crimes. In
practical terms, it refers to the treatment to survivors
and the use of gender expert reports conceived
as legal strategies to avoid or minimize the re-victimization
of eye witnesses in international criminal
cases. The article concludes determining some of
the challenges that international crimes investigation
and judgment currently held from a gender

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