[EPUB Version] My Hero is You, Storybook for Children on COVID-19

This was created by eKitabu, a Kenyan organisation that produces EPUB versions to make books and education more accessible for learners with disabilities. This document contains the links to the EPUB E-Book versions of My Hero is You in the following languages:

https://open.ekitabu.com/dist/cloud- reader/?epub=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2FMy_Hero_is_You_English_Title_2_eKitabu&epubs= ..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2Flibrary.json&goto=epubcfi(/6/2!/4/2/2)

https://open.ekitabu.com/dist/cloud- reader/?epub=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2FMuri_Opambana_Wa_Miyano_Lamwe_Title_8_eKi tabu&epubs=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2Flibrary.json&goto=epubcfi(/6/2!/4/2/2)

https://open.ekitabu.com/dist/cloud- reader/?epub=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2FNgwazi_Yane_Ndiwe_Tumbuka_Title_5_eKitabu&e pubs=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2Flibrary.json&goto=epubcfi(/6/2!/4/2/2)

https://open.ekitabu.com/dist/cloud- reader/?epub=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2FMundu_Jwakumbika_Jwangu_Mmwe_Yao_Title_1 1_eKitabu&epubs=..%2F..%2Fepub_content%2Flibrary.json&goto=epubcfi(/6/2!/4/2/2)

This book was a project developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG). The project was supported by global, regional and country based experts from Member Agencies of the IASC MHPSS RG, in addition to parents, caregivers, teachers and children in 104 countries. A global survey was distributed in Arabic, English, Italian, French and Spanish to assess children’s mental health and psychosocial needs during the COVID-19 outbreak. A framework of topics to be addressed through the story was developed using the survey results. The book was shared through storytelling to children in several countries affected by COVID-19. Feedback from children, parents and caregivers was then used to review and update the story.

Over 1,700 children, parents, caregivers and teachers from around the world took the time to share with us how they were coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. A big thank you to these children, their parents, caregivers and teachers for completing our surveys and influencing this story. This is a story developed for and by children around the world.

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