Education, Children on the move and Inclusion in Education Lessons learned and scalable solutions to accelerate inclusion in national education systems and enhance learning outcomes

Today, the world is facing compounding humanitarian, environmental and economic crises that have spurred the migration and displacement of millions of children and their families. The number of internally displaced children, refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers and in some cases, returnees, has grown dramatically and is only set to increase in the face of new and protracted conflicts and climate change. Many of these children now also face the added challenge of recovering learning losses they have experienced as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has made worse an already dire learning crisis for children – especially those in low-income and fragile settings.

This report identifies solutions that can rapidly be taken to scale and adapted to different contexts by governments and partners to support children on the move access learning opportunities. The report lists several lessons learned in overcoming key barriers experienced by children on the move with accessing quality learning drawing upon examples from 19 countries.

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