Meeting Report: East and Southern Africa MHPSS Community of Practice Meeting 13-14 Feb 2019, Nairobi

The East and Southern Africa MHPSS Community of Practice (ESA MHPSS COP) was established at a meeting held in Nairobi Kenya on the 13th and 14th of February 2019 by a group of practitioners, researchers and policymakers interested in improving learning and exchange in the MHPSS sector in the region.
The ESA MHPSS COP is a member-led regional collaborative whose purpose is to create a forum to
a) contextualize global standards and interventions,
b) strengthen the coordination of MHPSS action across regional and national levels, and
c) promote innovation, research and good practice in MHPSS.
Membership to the ESA MHPSS COP is open to individuals and organizations. It seeks to build
alliances between colleagues, existing networks and collectives, and to facilitate working
partnerships with collaborating organizations. It has an active Community of Practice group on, which can be accessed for key resources, upcoming events, jobs information, and for
making connections to others in the region.
This document outlines the key elements of the ESA MHPSS COP and provides a summary of the
discussion pertaining to these decisions.

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