Culture, Context and Mental Health of Rohingya Refugees: A review for staff in mental health and psychosocial support programmes for Rohingya refugees

The content of the document is based on an extensive review of the published and grey literature including various sources of information provided by United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, and governments. The search included published
and unpublished archival data, academic articles,documents, and other relevant documentary materials from disciplines ranging across the social sciences, anthropology, ethno-cultural studies, psychology and public health. A core group of multidisciplinary personnel wrote and reviewed draft versions of the document after which an advanced draft was sent out for wide review among academics, NGO staff and UN experts.

This review highlights the importance of understanding the key sociocultural aspects of mental health and wellbeing to assist humanitarian agencies, government, and non-government organizations
in providing effective culturally informed services
to the Rohingya. An overarching aim in providing
this information is to encourage a consistent and coordinated multi-sectoral approach to address the mental health needs of the Rohingya.

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