Creating Healing Classrooms: A Multimedia Teacher Training Resource

Creating Healing Classrooms: A Multimedia Teacher Training Resource contains a variety of materials necessary to facilitate a six-day teacher training in Healing Classrooms concepts and concrete teaching techniques. The purpose of the workshop is to provide teachers with knowledge and skills related to student well-being and specific teaching techniques and strategies that they can use to promote student well-being, and create “healing classrooms.” By the end of this five-day training, participants will be able to:
– Define student ‘well-being.’
– Identify how education and teachers can promote student well-being.
– Identify and perform concrete teaching techniques that promote students’ well-being.

The workshop uses participatory techniques involving peer learning and hands-on activities to help clarify concepts. Through the use of video, discussion, and practice activities, participants will have the opportunity to visualize, understand, and experience using teaching techniques that will support students’ well-being.

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