COVID-19 Toolkit for Parents

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently facing difficult times on the individual, family and social levels. The risk of being infected and the uncertainty and fear that accompany the situation might have an impact on both the psychological and the physical situation of adults and children alike.
The little ones are also experiencing most of the changes that we, adults, are facing as a society, but with little understanding on how to deal with such uncertainty and restrictions.
Children look to their parents (and other significant adults) for guidance to understand stressful situations and to learn how to react to them. Without this guidance, children can get confused and overwhelmed.
However, if they feel connected, cared and loved, and see their parents taking care of themselves, children’s resilience will be strengthened. That’s why IsraAID has prepared this toolkit for you, the parents: to support you, supporting your child.

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