Covid-19 and Education: Initial Insights for Preparedness, Planning and Response

COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus, is having a significant impact on education. As of March 6, 2020, 26 countries on three continents have announced
or implemented school closures (UNESCO 2020). Fourteen countries have shut schools nationwide, with an impact on more than 291 million children and youth. Another 13 countries have implemented
localized school closures to prevent or contain the spread of COVID-19, potentially preventing an additional 471 million children and youth from attending school. USAID and other development practitioners and policymakers around globe are rapidly mobilizing to develop a coherent, multi-sector strategy for the COVID-19 response. The education sector specifically will contribute to the strategy by defining how support will be prioritized. To contribute effectively to this effort, the education sector is in need of some basic information and data. This summary offers initial observations and answers to key questions for the sector. This document will be updated periodically, as needed, to reflect evolving understanding around COVID-19 and its impact on the education sector.

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