Coping with Stress and Crisis

Package of psychoeducational materials for emergencies. The package consists of a range of brochures and handouts in both a print-ready PDF file and a word file, which can be edited or translated as needed for a specific situation or context.

Information sheet: “Support to, and working conditions for, volunteers (PDF)
Information sheet: All children deserve to be safe! (PDF)
Information sheet: Common reactions after disasters or crisis events (PDF)
Brochure: Children’s stress: Their reactions and how to support them, for parents and caregivers (PDF and Word file)
Brochure: Psychological First Aid (PDF and Word)
Brochure: Stress and coping (PDF and Word)
Brochure: Working in Stressful Situations (PDF and Word)
Brochure: Talking about PSS in emergencies (PDF)

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