Conceptualizing Stigma

BruceG.Link and JoC.Phelan

“The stigma concept has been criticized as being too vaguely defined and individually focused. In response to these criticisms, we define stigma as the co-occurrence of its components–labeling, stereotyping, separation, status loss, and discrimination–and further indicate that for stigmatization to occur,power must be exercised.The stigma concept we construct has implications for understanding several core issues in stigma research, ranging from the definition of the concept to the reasons stigma sometimes represents a very persistent predicament in the lives of persons affected by it.”

One thought on “Conceptualizing Stigma”

  1. This is an article that subdivides the components of stigma and attempts to understand the patients perspectives on stigma.

    Patients’ perspectives on stigma of mental illness (an Egyptian study in a private hospital)
    Front. Psychiatry, 26 November 2014 | doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2014.00166
    Emad Sidhom, Ahmed Abdelfattah, Julie M. Carter, Ahmed El-Dosoky and Mohamed Fakhr El-Islam

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