Community Based Psychological Support Training

IFRC and Red Crescent Societies, 2003
Principal author: Lise Flindt Simonsen, Psychological Support Officer, International Federation
Co-author: Gilbert Reyes, Disaster Mental Health Institute, University of South
Dakota, USA

Critical events, such as disasters, conflicts, wars, accidents and health epidemics bring with them social and psychological consequences that often undermine people’s ability to carry on with their lives. Traditional approaches to disaster and emergency assistance have often neglected the psychological impact of crises on affected populations.

This training manual builds on the experience of psychological support gathered in many different critical events over the last decade by National Societies, and covers more recently developed technical areas as well as recommended methodologies. The manual contains information on the skills and techniques required to provide the kind of support which helps people function under the extraordinary level of stress found in most disaster or critical event situations.

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