Child Protection/ GBV/ MHPSS messages for Horn of Africa drought

The Global Child Protection Working Group has developed inter-agency child protection advocacy messages that are offered to anyone providing child protection responses.

The long version is a pool of messages that can be used in developing context specific messages. Along with this document, you are provided with a shorter version of child protection messages (entitled: “core CP messages”) that is a model for what the context specific version would look like. When developing your context specific version of core messages, select and adapt other messages from this document that fit your regional context.

In addition to adaptation and translation of message, they need to be tested before mass dissemination. If feasible, please include communication specialists for final adaptation and testing. Also as more information becomes available on child protection issues your document needs to be updated. The messages should be translated into local languages, using a speech that is accessible to the targeted population. Technical language should be avoided as much as possible.

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