Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS) Evaluation Report: Typhoon Haiyan Response in the Philippines

The first CFS was established in a municipality in North Cebu about 2 weeks after typhoon Haiyan struck central Philippines leaving behind massive destruction and thousands of people dead.

An integral part of WV’s Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Response, CFSs were aimed at meeting the needs of the survivor children in the affected areas for psychosocial support by providing them a safe environment where activities like games, arts and crafts, team-building and structured educational lessons are conducted to help them recover emotionally from the traumatic event.

The implementation of the CFS was completed within a 5-month period with the last remaining CFSs in the island of Panay turned over to the community in the last week of March 2014. With the intention of measuring CFS’ relevance, effectiveness and sustainability, an evaluation of the project was initiated. More particularly, it was intended to look into the impact, extent of accomplishment, challenges encountered and lessons learned.

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