MHPSS Key Message Bank for Children and Families in Emergencies

The document contains messages in English, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, Slovakian, Arabic, French, Czech and Russian

It is a ‘bank’ of key MHPSS messages on a range of topics for caregivers of children & adolescents. The messages can be used flexibly by humanitarian actors as they develop materials for campaigns, trainings, and programming. Teams can select messages as needed, design them locally and incorporate them into different program materials and activities. For example, teams may wish to use certain messages on posters at refugee border crossing points, another set of messages in leaflets for caregivers at reception centers, another set of messages for a radio campaign, and another set of messages in a reference document for CFS staff, nutrition workers, or health workers who may be faced with specific issues (e.g. grief, aggression).

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