CDEMA Situation Report #27 – La Soufrière Volcano, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (May 6th, 2021 – 8:00 pm)

A News Release issued from the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) on May 6th 2021 reported the following:

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has lowered the volcanic alert level at La Soufrière to ORANGE based on the advice of Scientists from the Seismic Research Centre of the University of the West Indies.
The recommendation was made given that there have been no explosions at the volcano since April 22 and the number of volcanic earthquakes recorded has also decreased significantly.
At alert level ORANGE, the volcano may resume explosions with less than twenty-four hours of
Lahars (mudflows) continue to pose a dangerous threat to the river valleys surrounding the volcano including Wallibou and Rabacca. Mudflows observed over the past several days have contained boulders up to 5m (15 feet) in diameter.

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