CBR Project Training Retreat this August

Please join us on August 3-7th in Garrison, New York, for a CBR (Contemplative-Based Resilience) Training. We’ve designed this CBR Training for humanitarian aid and human rights workers both in the field and in the office back home. With an emphasis on secular meditation, mindful movement, and education about the effects of chronic stress on the body and mind, the training offers an integrative approach to managing stress and trauma, providing participants with a suite of tools to help maintain mental health and resilience no matter how challenging the work.

Held in a beautiful, retreat-like setting on the Hudson River, with delicious food, participants will have ample opportunities to rest, recharge and reflect on their meaningful work. After completing the training, they will have tools to practice the ABCs of resilience (Awareness, Balance and Connection) daily, sustaining their wellbeing even in the most stressful circumstances. It’s an invaluable experience that will benefit them—and the people they help—for many years to come.

Further details can be found on the attached flyer or on the event page: www.garrisoninstitute.org/cbrtraining2015

Hope to see some of you there!

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