Call for Contributions to Minimum Services Package March 2020 is involved in a multi-agency collaboration to develop a Minimum Service Package (MSP) for MHPSS in humanitarian settings. The project is led jointly by UNICEF, WHO, and UNHCR, and aims to develop and field-test a costed Minimum Service Package of priority actions to be carried out by humanitarian actors responding to initial MHPSS needs in both new emergencies and ongoing protracted conflict settings. The MSP aims to ensure maximum, positive impact on the ground through better informed, predictable and equitable responses that make more effective use of limited resources and address MHPSS needs using evidence-based strategies in a timely manner. The MSP will be developed based on existing guidelines, resources, and good practices, with a particular emphasis on effective integration of MHPSS in Child Protection and Education in Emergencies programming. As humanitarian actors increasingly implement integrated programming, it is important to collect and build on existing information and practices from a wide range of stakeholders around the world.

This document requests information on existing guidelines, manuals, and case studies relating to the effective integration of MHPSS in Child Protection and/or Education in Emergencies Programming.

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