Briefing note- Ebola: Impact on Health in West Africa- 26th September 2014

Ebola: Impact on Health in West Africa

* Over 22 million people are living in areas with active Ebola transmission. As of 21 September, 6,242 cases have been reported, and 2,909 people are reported dead across Guinea, Libera and Sierra Leone. But these numbers are thought to be a vast underestimate of the actual caseload, and disease transmission continues, with case numbers growing exponentially.
* At the same time, mortality and morbidity from other conditions are rising, as they are not being addressed by health systems on the verge of collapse.
* This briefing note provides an update on the scale and scope of the Ebola epidemic, and on the impact on health more generally (the disease burden and health services available) in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

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