Barefoot counselling- A manual for community workers

This manual is targeting community workers who are supposed to provide counselling for vulnerable persons in their communities.The manual addresses the skills that the counselor needs e.g good listening, empathy, ability to generate trust..etc, it also discusses the basic counselling skills e.g attending behavior, questioning skills, observation skills …etc.
The manual discusses depression and anxiety (as common mental health problems)demonstrating the major symptoms and interventions guidance for the counselor.
Throughout the manual, case examples are used to demonstrate interviewing and counselling skills.

It is really simple and useful !!!

One thought on “Barefoot counselling- A manual for community workers”

  1. Due the huge gap in the number of mental health professionals, the need to community based mental health services in progressively growing especially in poor resourced areas. This manual could be a good introduction to train counselors on basic counseling skills.

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