Assessing Refugee Mental Health in Ethiopia: A Representative Survey of Adi Harush and Mai Ayni Camps

The Center for Victims of Trauma (CVT) in Ethiopia carried out a mental health assessment of Adi Harush and Mai Ayni refugee camps in September and October 2017. CVT conducted a survey (N=548) that is representative of the adult populations of these camps. The goal is to understand the needs and perspectives of refugees in these camps in order to inform mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) service providers and other stakeholders in designing interventions responsive to the needs of the population. Our findings include: generally positive attitudes towards mental health; significant daily stress coming from mental health-related problems; moderate levels of psychological symptoms; low prevalence of symptoms associated with psychiatric illnesses; reliance on spirituality to cope; high prevalence of torture survivors; and moderate awareness and utilization of MHPSS services. This report includes an overview of data collection methodology and a summary of descriptive findings.

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