[Arabic Version] Psychosocial Support for Children and Adolescents in Emergency Settings – Sudan

his manual is designed to assist facilitators and service providers in applying the minimum level of criteria for psychosocial support (PSS) programs in Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS). We recommend that trainers use this manual to better understand psychological health programs and the principles of psychosocial health. At the end of the training, participants will have acquired the skills needed to strengthen the capacity of children and adolescents to express their concerns and emotions, strengthen the elements related to the needs of children and adolescents as defined by the program, and stress the importance of children’s and adolescent’s role in the evaluation process as direct beneficiaries. Moreover, this training program will strive to provide participants with the skills necessary to mobilize families and communities in the Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) programs and other centers and institutions dealing with children.

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