[Arabic Version] Psychosocial and Learning Kits for Disease Outbreak and Psychosocial and Learning Activities During Precautionary Measure

During infectious disease outbreaks, children may experience distress for a variety of reasons. The collective anxiety and grief that a community experiences can impact heavily on children. Limited public knowledge of the disease may trigger misinformation, rumors and panic. Media campaigns can also increase levels of distress in the population. Children may lose their regular support networks due to limited mobility and social interaction due to precautionary measures such as curfews, ban on mass gathering, or school closures. Children may become hyper vigilant, afraid of their caregivers or other family members falling ill and dying. When caregivers, family members or friends fall ill, children maybe unable to visit them in treatment centers, and may not receive regular updates on their condition. They may also experience the loss of caregiver sand family members, upon whom they are dependent for care and survival.

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